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Amazon and some data on the online


To keep up with the market it is essential today more than ever to be flexible and constantly updated:


1. The increase in online purchases encourages the opening of new sales channels.

2. Consumers expect fully connected shopping experiences.

3. The information overload to which users are subjected makes it necessary to promote one’s brand in order to stand out from competitors.


“What we want to be is something completely new. There is no physical analogue for what Amazon.com is becoming “

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon


Millions of visits in a month


Users who research on amazon before making a purchase

Sales in Italian SMEs

Minutes spent on average on amazon


% users who bought 2020

Italian SMEs selling on Amazon

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on eCommerce in Italy


  • 31% of internet users in Italy said, during the first month of the pandemic, that they would buy products online that they normally buy in stores.
  • + 60% increase in Internet traffic in March 2020, reaching an increase of over 205% for large-scale distribution and food delivery sites.
  • 72% of users increased their smartphone usage time compared to before the pandemic.


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on eCommerce in Italy


  • 98% of internet users purchased via marketplaces in 2020.
  • 81% the increase on an annual basis recorded by marketplaces in 2020 (more than double compared to eCommerce).
  • 28% of companies consider the presence on marketplaces among the best strategies to increase online sales abroad.


Why is it important to analyze or evaluate presence on a marketplace?


  1. Why you need a strategy designed specifically for your company.
  2. Because if you do not use any marketplace yet, we will help you understand if it can be right for you by guiding you in all phases
  3. Because thanks to our data driven approach and our experience we will answer the question with you: is it worth starting?
  4. Because if you are already present on a marketplace, working together on your strengths and the weaknesses of your competitors we can increase your sales.


Thanks to the analysis of your offer, we can improve your positioning and optimize the results in order to develop new sales strategies.

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