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Smau, innovation and startup

Those who participate in Smau today come into contact with the protagonists of the innovation ecosystem through new ways of meeting the demand and supply of innovation, guided paths, speed pitching, with an increasingly direct involvement aimed at learning, being inspired, connecting with people and touch true innovation with your own hands through unprecedented experiences.


Smau is the reference event in Italy on innovation and startups


An event to be lived intensely to find new proposals, ideas and partners to rely on to build the future of your business together, discover the innovations closest to the needs of your business, participate in over 50 free workshops to be updated on the latest trends and give life to networking and new partnerships.

Also choose, in the rich Live Show program, the one that best approaches your sector: you will have the opportunity, in 50 minutes, to learn about the innovation experiences of companies and organizations that, during the event, will receive the Smau Innovation Award: a precious source of models to draw from and of partners with whom to face the challenge of change together.


At Smau 2022 the key word is: Open Innovation!

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