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Are you working FOR your business or INSIDE your business?


Working FOR your business means being able to periodically step back, look at the big picture, evaluate your business rationally, and make the necessary corrections.

Working IN your business means that you are in the details of day-to-day activities, management and operations.

The answer to the question should be “Both”, but sadly we often find ourselves bogged down in working only IN our own business.

There are two harmful side effects that come from only working INSIDE your business:

The first is the loss of FOCUS.

In fact, when I ask someone to explain to me the most important aspect of their business, the answer always concerns the “what to do”: I have to provide my service, I have to manage my inventory etc etc …

While these things are really important, we forget about the need to engage with people to create connections and opportunities.

If we don’t sell we won’t have those “things” to do!

Hence, it is important to keep a strong focus on priorities:

1) acquire new customers 2) sale 3) things to do.

The second harmful side effect is the loss of IMPORTANCE.

Too often, when aspects of your business are neglected, they can create harmful problems.
Just look at what happened to the likes of Blockbuster, Motorola or Yahoo.

When we get bogged down by working only in our own business, we miss out on opportunities and allow competitors to outperform us.

For this it is necessary to understand the “why” behind your business and what drives your customers to buy your product or service.

Being able to work both in your own business and on your own business takes discipline and planning, but it is just the necessary nourishment you need to grow and thrive.

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