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Companies and sustainable development

What does sustainable development mean?

The initial definition of sustainable development is that described in the 1987 Brundtland report and then taken up by the World Commission on Environment and Development, WCED): sustainable development is a development that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the possibility of future generations. to satisfy their needs.

A vision that is still anthropocentric, at the center are the human generations but not the ecosystem. The extension to the well-being of all living species is a socio-ecological process characterized by a behavior of search for ideals, also including the conservation of the planet, from which the rule of the balance of the 3 “E” derives: ecology, equity social and economy (or of the 3 “P” Planet, People and Profit).

The three economic, social and environmental dimensions are strictly correlated and that every planning intervention must take into account the reciprocal interrelationships.

In 2001, UNESCO expanded the concept of sustainable development indicating that “cultural diversity is as necessary for humanity as biodiversity is for nature, cultural diversity is one of the roots of development understood not only as economic growth, but also to lead a satisfying existence from an intellectual, moral and spiritual point of view.

Cultural diversity thus becomes the fourth pillar next to the 3 “Es”.




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