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Creation of Localized Editorial Plans


Once the strategy for implementing your web and social presence has been defined, it is necessary to determine the editorial plans to be implemented for each target.

This is probably the most complex phase but, in many respects, also the most fun, most creative and which can give the greatest satisfaction.

As observed in other blog articles, in defining the contents of communications, it is essential to resort to reliable and authoritative localized information sources and, if necessary, it may be advisable to contact an expert consultant in the reality of the target country to avoid errors and epic fail.

A good starting point could be to thoroughly analyze the holiday calendar of the target countries and find out what these holidays refer to and what they mean for the local population or even analyze the search trends related to your product, service or sectors. similar to determine cyclicality, attention spans or, simply, moments of communicative interest.

A second aspect that could be interesting to consider is TV, even if we are in the digital age we know well how much television is still capable of determining trends and dictating “real life” times within a country, especially for a certain age group;

the trend of the television audience, the type of programs, the structure of the schedules, the most used television hashtags, the contents of the programming and the calendar of the various channels represent excellent tools to aid in the definition of a localized editorial plan for a certain target of potential customers.

Of course, the analysis of keywords, of the reference directories of the target country and a sentiment analysis carried out with dedicated platforms are then the ideal digital tools to identify the correct contents to be included in the editorial plan, but will be the subject of a future article. .

Entering a new country does not mean personalizing a “standard” editorial plan but getting to know a new world, which is quite another thing.

Does your company have an export publishing plan?

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