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CRM Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software of great use for every company and for every professional, because it allows you to manage, without a great deal of time and money, both the acquired customer and the prospect customer (be it a private individual or a ‘other company, resulting therefore a valid tool both in business-to-consumer (B2C) and in business-to-business (B2B)).

CRM is a software that allows you to guide the marketing and communication strategies of the company in a specific and intelligent way; but how exactly does it work?

The system is able to collect on the web and in the company database, all the information of the customer (or customer prospect) for example from the history of purchases and payments, from discussion forums, from e-mails, from social networks, from internet searches, thus providing us with a broad knowledge of the tastes, interests and needs of that particular consumer.

The data obtained allow, in addition to compiling useful statistics for sales projects, to personalize the offer and communication as much as possible, aiming with discrete precision at the needs of each target subject.

The goal is not only to acquire new customers with a rapid return on investment, but also and above all to maintain the trust of those who have already used our products or services by showing them our active involvement and consideration.

The person or company in question will no longer feel just a number among many, but will realize that attention and interest are being given to him, creating a process of trust lasting over time, which in many cases turns out to be the main source of profit.

The software automates, accelerates and undoubtedly makes the contact and relationship with the customer, prospect customer or supplier more efficient. It also manages to find the best possible buyers, and to select the most important among those already conquered, so as to be able to channel on them the greatest expenditure of energy and investments in terms of time and money.

Reduction of commercial and corporate costs, time optimization and increase in turnover and profits: these are in summary the advantages of those who use a CRM effectively


CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRM Customer Relationship Management

What are the benefits of a CRM

What are the specific advantages for those who use a CRM? Here are the main ones … The system allows you to:

– save a considerable amount of time (which we often do not have, forcing us to give up fundamental steps) by automating many of the search, contact, presentation operations;

– make detailed sales forecasts, so as to be able to conduct it in the best possible way;

– manage the various contacts in an automated and efficient way, eliminating the need to have personal data divided between address books, mailings, folders. All data will be collected in a single archive, which can always be consulted by all authorized personnel;

– create a collaboration between the various sectors of the company staff, who will be able to provide their knowledge and interact within the system, so as to improve internal processes;

– attract new customers with targeted proposals thanks to the new information recorded, and retain those already acquired, always keeping the relationship and interest alive;

– manage negotiations in the best possible way, thanks to the extensive knowledge of the buyer made available to us by the database;

– increase business productivity thanks to advanced interaction with customers;

– offer greater efficiency to after-sales support, thanks to the rapid and precise collection of any problems, complaints, disservices, so as to be able to quickly provide the solution with consequent customer satisfaction.

How to evaluate if I need a CRM

We assume that a CRM could be useful to anyone who has a business and wants to increase their turnover … But how to understand if it is essential to us?

It is enough to ask ourselves a few simple questions about our company:
– is it efficient enough in finding and acquiring new customers?
– can you always keep in touch with those already acquired?
– do you remember all your customers, their preferences and needs?
– does the staff of the various departments have the possibility to consult the customer files methodically and quickly and systematically find the information they need?
– is the marketing team productive enough?
– Does the sales team have sufficient tools at their disposal to achieve maximum profitability?
– Are the efforts of the entire workforce equally rewarded by the results obtained?
If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, we recommend that you consider purchasing a CRM!

Smart Working with CRM

If Customer Relationship Management has now become fundamental for the productivity of the company, it is even more so for the activities that make use of Smart Working, now widespread for various reasons both in Italy and abroad.
In fact, the opportunity to take advantage of a database that can be increased and improved daily by all the staff, and that is always available, even if far from the office, will be a significant support to efficiency and consequently to corporate productivity even at a distance. , and will make it possible to offer a high level of service in all circumstances.

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