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Definition of Audience and Objectives on social media in export


First you need to determine what your audience is and what is the best way to segment it in terms of location and language.

In this phase it is essential to ask yourself some fundamental questions that will help in the subsequent phases to implement the correct communication strategy:

  • in which countries do the target users live?
  • where do most of the current international customers live?
  • in what proportion?
  • in which countries is the product or service most likely to be successful?
  • Are there any cultural, religious or legal limits that prevent the product or service from being properly enjoyed in some country?
  • for which countries and languages is the company able to manage the leads coming from communication on social networks?


Social media goals in export

The definition of the objectives of your company and its social media is a decisive element both for the initial allocation of resources and for the subsequent analysis of the results: only a data-oriented development, that is data driven, can allow you to correctly model any activity. ‘of international and global communication.

The setting of reasonable, achievable but at the same time ambitious objectives also represents an excellent incentive to the development team as well as a valid tool for measuring day by day performance.

Clearly, the objectives will have to be foreseen at an overall level, but, above all, at the level of a single country or single target language: this allows to determine the different results achieved for each segment with the possibility of surgical intervention where necessary or to identify trends. different to analyze and possibly extend to other targets.

Before going into the analytical detail of the objectives, however, it is essential to determine what is the main purpose of one’s international presence on social networks, that is, what is the real “mission” that one intends to accomplish with the activity of social media. marketing;

some examples can be:

  • generate additional website traffic;
  • improve brand awareness by increasing the exposure of your brand;
  • reach new markets;
  • provide assistance to its customers through social platforms;
  • support an existing international sales network at the marketing level;
  • detect the trends inherent in your product in order to structure a new commercial network abroad.

Whatever the “mission” is, it will be fundamental to determine it precisely, so as to be able to correctly set the intermediate objectives of the various activities, in the different countries and for the different languages, obviously making them measurable.

Does your company have a clear understanding of its audience and set its export social media goals?



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