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Differentiating strategic positioning for an exporting SME companies


The differentiating strategic positioning for an SME is the activity that a company does to position itself in the head of its potential customer in a unique and different way from all the other players in the market.


This is true whether the company operates in the national market or operates for exports.


Today the company must be able to characterize itself differently because there are many competitors, both direct and indirect.

Therefore the strategic positioning is the ability of the company to be perceived as different from the others. A small and medium-sized business today must be different from other companies and with an offer that is unique.

This is especially true for large brands that almost always have a well-defined strategic positioning in their market and very difficult to achieve for an SME.

Opportunities for SMEs are instead in many B2B niches where the concept of leadership is in force and many are not presided over by a true leader positioned in the customer’s mind.

To understand one’s positioning, one must ask oneself why a customer should buy our product.

In the event that there is no precise answer, it is necessary to work immediately to create your own differentiating strategic positioning

A generalist company will not be able to sell different products and services and will have difficulty in being perceived for the added value it can offer compared to competitors.

It is a fundamental element of strategic marketing and before activating any lever of operational marketing it is necessary to clearly define one’s strategic positioning, that is to define and create the elements of diversity that are tangible and recognizable in a given context.

Has your company defined its strategic positioning?


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