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Foreign companies and markets


The starting point of any internationalization strategy and approach to new markets is to have a long-term perspective, because it takes months to build and implement an export project.

The first months are used to get an idea of your internationalization project, you need to plan every detail carefully and structure a strategic export plan by focusing investments on one or two countries at most.

It is better to start from a market that is not too distant because the logistical aspect is always very important and is often a critical factor for the success of the project.

More than 65% of Italian exports ends up in Europe, the remaining part in non-European countries, so it is better to start from neighboring countries.


The SME must have a heterogeneous team of skills ranging from marketing to logistics and covering the entire customer journey, from first contact to after-sales service, not necessarily internal, but can hire temporary managers for each specific function.

It is now increasingly necessary to exploit technology, such as crm (customer relationship management) software, marketing-oriented websites, thematic portals, marketplaces and videoconferencing systems to interact more effectively and efficiently with potential customers and with acquired customers.

Does your company have products that can be marketed overseas? Contact us to check the feasibility of an export project!





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