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Foreign Marketing


In this article, we analyze the 3 cases in which a company can find itself when it deals with exports or decides to start exporting:

  • No foreign marketing activities
  • Sporadic foreign marketing activity
  • Regular foreign marketing activity

each case has a precise starting point which must be documented by a specific check-up.


No foreign marketing activities


In this phase the company does not deal in a structured way with marketing activities abroad, limiting itself to dealing only with domestic marketing aspects and sometimes translating the site into the language of the target country or of foreign customers already acquired in the face of activities ‘of export.

It may be that the company already has foreign customers who have come through traditional sales channels or by word of mouth and regularly carries out a consolidated export in those countries, without exploiting the potential of marketing.

The Internet makes companies reachable by foreign customers even through occasional contacts from the website and it is often these events that give way to a more structured internationalization process and to devote themselves to marketing activities even outside national borders.

In fact, internationalized companies are generally hotels, which wait for bookings from a tour operator without developing a web presence suitable for foreign users and without carrying out dedicated and personalized marketing activities.


Sporadic foreign marketing activity


It may happen that a company in the face of a production surplus and particular market events where the offer is not absorbed by the domestic market, decides to start marketing activities, albeit momentary, abroad.

Often this need translates into an unstructured activity and is exhausted when you return to the previous equilibrium, in some cases, however, in the face of positive results, the company decides to continue by starting structured marketing activities and increasing production capacity. to start a continuous exportation phase.

Many times, however, as activities have been started and due to emergency and temporariness, they are unstructured reactive operations and without a strategic vision useful for international development.

Cases of this type are industrial companies that have products in stock which, due to national regulations, can no longer be sold on the local market and are obliged until term stocks to position themselves on foreign markets where regulations are less restrictive.


Regular foreign marketing activity


These companies have developed production and distribution capacities suitable for having a stable and regular presence on foreign markets, supported by a structured and planned export-oriented foreign marketing activity.

The presence in a distribution key generally takes place through foreign intermediaries or, if considered strategic, through its sales force, branches or subsidiaries.

Focus is on the national market but with an orientation also abroad through structured marketing activities. in some cases the foreign turnover far exceeds the national one.

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