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From the export website to the digital presence


Today it is necessary to have a dynamic web presence, an integrated modular system of tools that allow you to welcome the visitor and profile him for business purposes in compliance with the privacy regulations existing in each country.

First of all, it is necessary to maximize the relevance between the information sought and those offered, guided by a complete and organized user user experience.

The dynamism of the website and the integration with marketing automation functions strongly affect the process of forming the idea of a product, especially when it comes to conscious demand.

The space for action must therefore concern the purchase ideation phase of a potential buyer, who, driven by interest, carries out some preliminary actions induced by a possible more informed and informed purchase (customer journey).

The phases of a conscious question are essentially three:

  • search for the product on engines

During the online search, the user actively expresses his interest in a certain product or service topic;

  • information through blogs and reviews

Once a user has done some research, he will start browsing information sites, blogs, forums, virtual communities and videos;

  • consultation and comparison phase

Satisfied customers become product / service ambassadors and comparison sites serve to compare different offers.

In the next article we will explore these three aspects.

Does your company know how to intercept the conscious demand?

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Three main stages of conscious demand


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