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Funnel and Marketing Automation


Funnel and Marketing automation are two very important issues for a small and medium-sized business, especially for those who work in B2B.

The funnel is a funnel that serves to bring the potential customer from a starting point where it is called a prospect customer to another point where it is called an acquired customer.

The funnel is a path that is made to a potential customer, a real path that can follow different directions.

The path of acquiring a potential customer can include a series of intermediate steps depending on the objectives you want to achieve with your marketing. In the event that the goal is to create a mailing list and acquire the email and the name of the potential customer, the path of the dedicated funnel will end with the subscription to the newsletter.

The funnel does not always have customer acquisition as its objective, but it can have intermediate or different objectives, this is because in a company there can be more funnels that all contribute to the activities of a larger funnel.

Marketing automation is connected to innovation and digital, today marketing has new tools available that allow you to automate a series of activities previously carried out manually.

Marketing automation is basically the automation of some marketing processes that tend to be repetitive. The marketing automation funnel is the right tool for this eventuality.


An effective funnel is usually the short one, because at each step you can lose some conversions, that is, some potential customers do not proceed towards the goal of the funnel.


There are several software that can contribute to the management of some processes related to marketing, from designing all the stages of the customer acquisition processes to monitoring the behavior of the potential customer within the funnel.

However, to be effective, these tools require a content plan, a real editorial plan defined following a strategic definition.

Each funnel does not only have online activities, often also offline, such as a commercial appointment with a potential customer, for this reason marketing automation needs a certain commitment and good monitoring by the company.

Does your company use the funnel?





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