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Google has also launched interesting new features in favor of environmental protection


Today, if you have a smartphone phone with an Android operating system and the Google Phone app which is usually pre-installed, you will have seen that with this app it is possible not only to make phone calls but also to search for places and activities in the vicinity.

From the search bar it is, in fact, possible to search for restaurants, shops and other commercial or industrial activities in the surroundings with personal information and type of address, telephone number and other data, just access the address book of your phone!

For all local businesses it is an extra opportunity to be found by their customers and potential customers.

But be careful, Google collects data from Google My Business cards so it is necessary that all the information on your card is well optimized and correctly managed otherwise you run the risk of appearing in searches with incorrect or worse personal information such as, for example example, your private phone number rather than your business phone number.

A few days ago, Google has also launched new interesting features in favor of environmental protection:

Given the looming threat of climate change, Google has taken action by launching a number of features, some of which will be available in the future, to ensure that users can easily opt for greener consumer choices.

Some of the Google products currently involved in this mission are Google Search, Google Maps, Google Shopping and Google Travel.

When the user is, for example, looking for information on a trip, a flight, a car route or purchases of household appliances, Google will suggest eco-friendly choice options such as, for example:

  • the possibility to choose low CO2 emissions flights through a special filter in Google Travel;
  • choose hotels that adopt environmental sustainability measures such as reduced water consumption, separate waste collection and much more. These hotels will be equipped with a green “eco friendly” badge in Google Search and in Google Travel;
  • prefer low energy consumption appliances through the filters available in the tabs in Google Shopping;
  • opt for low-carbon car routes in Google Maps for the same time it takes for the fastest route.


Contact us to evaluate if the new Google features can be useful to your company.


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