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How important are social networks in B2B


Today social networks are fundamental for every company, especially for those operating in B2B, regardless of their size.

Because’ ? Because people spend a lot of time there and if you want to communicate to your market you have to be there too with your company.

Obviously the publication must not be occasional, but must follow a strategy, so decide what to publish, how, when to publish and what to communicate.


Social networks are a great opportunity that requires an investment of time and money as visibility is mainly acquired.


A good communication strategy involves the planning of a content plan that indicates which social network to act on and with what periodicity, taking into account your buyer personas, that is, our target customer.

However, the goal is to work in a professional and organized way, perhaps starting from a few platforms and then expanding to others.

To decide where to start, you need to analyze the trends of the moment and follow them to effectively reach your audience.


To get results on social networks you need to use professionalism, social networks allow you to reach a certain type of audience and generate leads for your company that would otherwise be intercepted by your competitors.


Furthermore, these tools are easily measurable and therefore it is possible to evaluate the performance and return on investments.

Does your company use social networks successfully?








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