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How important is the data

for the marketing and sales of a company?


Business Analysis and big data are two topics that have been much discussed in recent years, they introduce a new way of marketing in the company, one oriented to data and information.

But what is the real situation of Italian companies, especially Small and Medium Enterprises?

The delay is considerable starting from the adoption of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), especially for small and micro enterprises; A tool like CRM allows you to maintain control over all activities, helping to guide both marketing and sales activities.

CRM is not just a software, but a real working methodology, every data within it must be tracked and organized in order to extract useful information for the company and the sales force.

In a B2B (Business to business) logic, precise data is needed and above all in real time, obviously the more the CRM is oriented towards data analysis and the construction of information, the better it is for the company, the aggregate data generates information , statistics and reports on which the entrepreneur then makes the decisions.

Leading the company by reading the data is an important change of mentality, an effort that however allows you to go faster while making fewer mistakes.

For a modern company, marketing and guiding business strategies without the data organized by a CRM is practically impossible and this choice represents a process of change and reorganization that must be assimilated by everyone inside and outside.

If you want to develop your business in a secure and structured way, you must have control over the data. And to do marketing supporting sales in an articulated way, you need to equip yourself with tools that allow you to analyze in a simple and exhaustive way all the phases of your sales process.

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