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How to prepare and face a B2B exibition


After the Covid19 pandemic, face-to-face fairs have resumed and today they are still one of the main marketing levers for companies, especially in B2B.

All things considered, a fair still works to generate new contacts and new business opportunities, but it must be prepared and contextualized in the right way to obtain significant results.

It is necessary to define a precise marketing strategy, where the fair is at the center of a series of actions that are activated before and after the event in order to maximize the final result, in practice every fair is a structured project that must be planned. in details.

Unfortunately, still today many companies participate in a fair as simple exhibitors without carrying out any marketing activities.

The only activity is to be present at the fair at the stand and wait for the arrival of potential prospects and / or customers. It is a mode that has always worked little and that nowadays it definitely doesn’t work anymore.

The first thing to do is to understand if the fair can actually be useful to our business, if the audience present corresponds to our buyer personas, if the media kit is suitable for our products / services and obviously it is necessary to analyze the numbers declared by the fair body.

All the fair bodies provide their exhibitors with numbers and information that are essential to evaluate if the event is suitable for our company and our products / services. From the numbers of visitors divided by target, sector and size it is possible to get a precise idea.

Today some B2B trade shows work very well, others can be a totally ineffective investment.


To understand if a fair can be useful for your business it is always necessary to contextualize it, check the numbers and perhaps participate as a visitor first to evaluate the details and decide whether to participate as an exhibitor in subsequent editions.

This is especially true for companies that sell abroad because in Italy there is a lot of information on the various fairs, while for some foreign markets it is difficult to retrieve the real information and data of the relative audience of visitors.

Has your company participated or participates in trade fairs? Contact us, we can understand how to improve the results of your presence at a B2B fair thanks to digital!




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