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International marketing and export: what are the objectives?


Today the purpose of marketing is no longer just to “help sell products”, but also and above all, to enhance the company in the eyes of everyone, in the eyes of customers, suppliers, banks, public opinion and stakeholders both on nationally as well as on an international basis.

The challenge of international marketing is not to be able to sell abroad, but to develop a strategic plan of presence, action and integration to be applied to the countries in which it intends to be present.

Until a few years ago, marketing was divided into domestic marketing and international marketing; the domestic one concerned the activities in the area of residence of the company, while the second in the external areas.

Today with the advent of the internet and the web, the scenario has radically changed and many companies, (especially SMEs) have the possibility of creating a domestic marketing for each country to which they intend to export, thanks to their flexibility and speed. SMEs can take advantage of this opportunity.


International Marketing and Export


Therefore, international marketing for export is a real integrated system of domestic marketing implemented in the various target countries through contextualization activities aimed at satisfying human, corporate and social needs and therefore as a discipline aimed more at who buys rather than who sells.

The accuracy of the analysis tools, the ease of targeting and the continuous connection made possible by the internet and mobile, make each individual a real market in its own right, so the concept of “think global, act local “is increasingly applicable with extreme effectiveness.

Marketing activities are always the same and are universally applicable whether we are talking about domestic marketing or international marketing and export, but they must be consistent, adequate and customized to the context in which they need to be applied to obtain tangible results.

Each market has its own peculiarities linked for example to the legal, economic, political, cultural, religious and climatic aspects.

This ability to adapt to individual contexts (marketing is a contextualization methodology) must be applied to each individual market trying to take full advantage of the scalability of products and services or processes without sacrificing the indispensable necessity. to adequately meet local needs.



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