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International Marketing Research for Export


Market and marketing research for exports and product focus groups are very interesting and powerful practices but, at the same time, very expensive in terms of time, people and economic resources.

With the advent of the Internet, even smaller companies with limited budgets and financial resources can access quality information sources at very low cost.

Some examples are:

  • access to primary sources through public data, open data and big data providers;
  • online questionnaires or consumer panels (including incentives to participate which can be a quick way to find information;
  • online focus groups through discussion forums or ad hoc structured online advertising campaigns it is possible to collect and analyze user preferences;
  • web analytics with the systematic analysis of interactions with your site or with your social profiles, on social network pages with online advertising campaigns in order to obtain and detect trends and behaviors;
  • identification systems for existing customers, analysis of international customers and creation of virtual panels;
  • email marketing and funnel tools with predefined interaction requests and calls to action;
  • netnography activities, i.e. systematic research and observation on chats, blogs, sites, social networks and on the main search engines in order to detect trends in prospects
  • Google tools (eg. Google Trends)
  • Big Data and Data Lake analysis and management tools
  • sentiment analysis software


In short, it is a series of low-cost or often free examples that allow anyone to obtain fundamental information for planning an international marketing strategy, even if obviously they must always be interpreted and integrated according to the objectives we have set ourselves.

Does your company use these tools?



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