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It is no longer time to underestimate the hyper-competitiveness of the market in which we find ourselves now, as perhaps our parents could afford the luxury of doing in the past.

Whatever your sector, people are increasingly immune to advertising and intolerant to negotiations, simply because they are bombarded 24 hours with marketing messages, wherever they look.

But are you sure you can make a promise that is worth listening to, taking into account, and believed to the point of questioning something, which until then was faced without your product?

To answer, just take this little self-assessment test, and if you are totally honest with yourself you will find several keystones for your business:

  1. Do you have a “Value Proposition”?
  2. Have you done the market and competition analysis?
  3. Do you know what your ground for improvement is?
  4. Can you get out of the corner of confrontation?
  5. If the market asks you, can you reshape the business model?
  6. Can you attract attention during the negotiation?
  7. Do you use the five senses in selling?
  8. Can you communicate your uniqueness?
  9. Can you anticipate objections?
  10. Do you know all the exploratory questions, and can you really listen to the answers?
  11. Can you focus on the one pressing problem?
  12. Do you know the “Try & Buy” technique?
  13. Can you build the perfect quote, or do you just make a chart with prices?
  14. Can you recognize the buy signals of your potential customer?
  15. Do you know how to increase the average invoice with the upsell technique?

With this test it will be easier for you to understand if the promise you are making has what it takes to be really taken into consideration as a customer or potential customer.

It will help you discern whether when you rely on your sales technique you are in good hands or if your promise can happen to pass like an unwelcome tune from ear to ear of your prospect – cutting you off forever from their trust and letting us know. also a very bad figure.

Is your company structured to act with a correct sales strategy?

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