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Here are 10 essential principles that will help you avoid making those mistakes that cause you to lose sales.

1. Find out the prospect’s real problem

Even if we take it as true that the problem that the prospect communicates to us is really that, it is important to keep the benefit of the doubt.

So, always try to delve deeper into each scenario and as a doctor would do we have to ask ourselves “is this the prospect’s real problem or is it just a symptom?”

Before diagnosing and offering a solution, we need to ask as many questions as possible to make sure we get to the root of the problem and bring value to the prospect.

2. Think your sales “presentation” will seal the deal.

You should always help the prospect discover the best reasons to buy from you, without telling them why they should.

The prospect should want to buy from you long before you present your final proposal.

3. Talk too much.

Quite often, and especially at the beginning of a negotiation, salespeople think they need to talk a lot, while they should listen and ask questions.

Keep in mind that if a prospect wants an overview of your products or services, they might just visit your website.

The sales process is a conversation, honest and open.

4. Believe you can sell anything to anyone.

A prospect has to go through a period of self-discovery before making the decision that your product or service is the right fit.

Resistance is pre-programmed and people don’t like being told what to do (or buy).

A better approach than “selling by telling” is to ask key questions or tell stories from other customers that allow the prospect to discover the benefits of your product or service.

When you ask questions that lead to a discovery, the prospect appropriates this discovery and the resistance disappears.

5. Over-educating the prospect.

The initial goal of the sale is to find out why and under what circumstances the prospect will buy from you.

So, asking questions is the first thing, while sharing your materials and specifications is the next step.

Sell today, educate tomorrow!

6. Sellers are decision makers.

At each stage of the sales cycle, a salesperson must make a critical decision regarding whether or not to continue investing time in the relationship with the prospect.

If you as a seller do not place yourself as the decision maker, this lack of clarity and indecision in action will be reflected in the behavior.

So, remember: the shorter your sales cycle, the more leads you will close over time.

7. Read minds.

Try to get accurate information on what your prospect needs and why.

When you find that he remains vague, politely ask him to be clearer.

Often however, especially veteran salespeople, are guilty of “reading minds” because they think they have seen it all.

But when they jump to conclusions, they make wrong assumptions that make them lose the sale.

8. Work as an “unpaid consultant” in an attempt to close a deal.

I personally recommend that sellers play “Let’s Pretend” whenever a potential customer asks for additional information before making a purchase decision.

Then, ask your prospect to imagine a scenario where you complete the additional basics and provide a solution that fits everything they need and if they will buy from you at that point!

If he can’t imagine pulling the trigger even after you’ve done the additional work, or if he still needs another step in the process, it might be time to go straight to this second step, or move on to the next lead!

9. Be your own worst enemy.

Never blame the prospect for blocking the process.

Rather, try to look inside yourself.

Often, the only way to simplify the process is to continue to refine your approach and sales technique.

10. Hope the prospect doesn’t notice a problem.

The only way to avoid a potential disaster is to deal with it before it explodes.

So always be open and transparent if a problem occurs along the sales cycle.

I assure you that the prospect will respect the fact that you were honest and shared the real state of affairs with him!

You will see that by following these principles and by committing to being honest and transparent about who you are and what you offer, you will achieve the sales you need and want, but you can also do something much greater: find new ways to really help people. others and the world around you.

Does your company follow these rules?


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