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Nurture your social media leads before passing them on to sales



According to recent marketing studies, most B2B companies experience sales cycles of four months or more.

During this time, potential customers spend more time than ever doing independent research, particularly on social media.

While engaging these prospects, companies are often tempted to pass them on to sales as quickly as possible to demonstrate lead generation success.

This is wrong !

Most potential customers prefer to involve a sales employee much further in the process, about two-thirds of the buying cycle.

Learn to nurture your leads!

Instead of turning a raw lead into sales, leverage the insights you’ve gained from social media monitoring to elevate the most relevant prospects.

Not all new followers or fans of your brand qualify to move to phase 2 of the buying cycle, so it is possible to identify the best potential customers and advance them along the purchase path.

It is necessary to analyze and review the new social connections of each week (followers, fans, etc.) and compare their demographic information with the buyer personas that the company has developed from social media monitoring.

You can thus obtain excellent information on qualifying and promoting leads by crossing these people with their information on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social sites.

Whether manually or through a marketing automation tool, your team can interact

with these prospects, monitor their responsiveness over time, then pass the most promising ones to the sales teams at the appropriate time. This will ensure a higher close rate from social media leads and increase the value of marketing in the eyes of the sales team.

Pass the ripe bananas

“Imagine your market is like a banana field. Your marketers are the ones who feed and harvest bananas. Bananas are harvested when they are green and turn yellow as they ripen. Fully 95% of your leads are like harvested green bananas, and on top of that, your sales team only needs the other 5%, the ones that are ripe.

Brian Carroll

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