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Social media monitoring clarifies the stages of the buying cycle


If businesses really want to understand at what stage of the buying cycle they are engaging their target audience, they need to monitor relevant online communities and discussions that relate strongly to their products or services.

Enterprise-class social media monitoring tools allow companies to quickly scan the social world to capture all relevant discussions about their brands, products and services.

Such tools also help social media teams to quickly synthesize information and narrow down the best social media sites to turn to for lead generation purposes.

As you prepare your lead generation plans, make sure you understand the specifics of your target audience by monitoring social sites to answer the following questions:

1. Who is your target audience? Is there more than one? Regardless of whether there are one or more, establish audience profiles based on the additional questions below.

2. Where are they in the world of social media?

3. What keywords do they use to discuss products / services similar to yours?

4. What keywords do they use when discussing the problems your products / services solve?

5. What needs do they express?

With this information, you can easily add specificity to your lead generation strategies, programs and tactics.

B2B social media marketing is particularly suited for business-to-business lead generation and its’ shortening the sales journey.

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