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Social media monitoring in export


Social media never stops as a lead generation engine for your business once you start in a structured and organized way.

Unlike campaigns with defined start and end dates, social networks are a constantly active process, but if obviously fed with a precise editorial plan.

As social media budgets grow, along with the expectations of the business owner and sales teams, businesses will need to more concretely showcase the results of their social media lead generation efforts and then implement the right measures.

And this is where social media monitoring provides real value to marketing. These tools allow marketing departments to measure changes in social media campaign results within specific date ranges to enable continuous benchmarking with competitors.


Below are some measures that companies must perform regularly especially when it comes to exports:


• Volume of your brand mentions (especially in the most critical social sites)

• Improved overall brand sentiment ratings

• Temporary change in brand sentiment surrounding a social marketing campaign • Volume of visits to your websites

• Volume of visits from specific sites

• Number of new social media sites mentioning your brand

• Number of new fans and followers

By combining this data with traditional measurement data, such as the number of forms for received leads, content downloads, etc., companies should have a clearer view of the actual effectiveness of their social media presence.

Does your company monitor its social presence?

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