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Strategic Plan of International Digital Marketing


Setting up a strategic plan of international digital marketing on social networks allows you to launch, optimize and measure the results of both communication campaigns and interactions and avoid slips that could deeply compromise the entire business.

How important it is to carefully define a communication in countries of different cultures is demonstrated by the failure of some illustrious advertising campaigns which, in one part of the world, had depopulated while, in another, they failed miserably or even turned into businesses. ‘of real anti-marketing.

It is therefore necessary to plan the social presence precisely!

The steps to determine a global communication plan on social networks that is effective and efficient can be summarized as follows;

  • define your audience;
  • set your own goals;
  • choose target languages;
  • understand and value cultural differences;
  • choose the right social networks;
  • choose the localization potential of the platforms;
  • define a hub for each audience;
  • choose the sites to target for each area;
  • connect your web presence (site and social network correctly);
  • create localized editorial plans.

By following these simple steps it will be possible to approach international and global communication on social media correctly, minimizing the risk of communicating inconsistently with the expectations of the target.

Does your company plan international and global communication on social media correctly?


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