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That’s why you need to digitize your company!


A common problem for all SMEs: cold calling!

Cold calling is the Achilles heel of most salespeople, and the only people who like the idea are the ones who never did!

Before the internet, when it came to acquiring new customers, there were only two simple options available to the entrepreneur or salesperson: either passive from an office in an attempt to speak to a decision maker and (more often than not) leave yours. business card to a receptionist, or you picked up the phone and measured yourself with those dreaded phone calls in which you tried to reach the decision maker voice by voice.

If you wanted to survive, you ended up choosing the second option, much more often than the first, because at least you had a phone line to protect you from a guardian’s bite.

Many entrepreneurs and sales managers have this background and have used these methods with great success to grow their businesses.


The other option was to attend trade shows or networking events.


Fortunately, other methods are available today that are not only easier and less painful to perform, but are also hugely successful.

These methods include researching potential customers online.

For veteran entrepreneurs or salespeople who have had to cold call to get to where they are today, this may be a hard way to go.

Many of them expect people to make cold calls, even though they know there are more effective ways to connect with potential customers, if only to strengthen their team by giving them the same experience they have.

Note that many people no longer even have office phones.

If you don’t have their personal mobile number, the chances of being able to cold call them are next to nil.

Those who still have a phone in the office have a caller ID, so if they don’t recognize your number, most of the time they won’t answer the call.

For example, CEOs and decision makers of large companies prefer and are more likely to respond to a “cold” email rather than a call from a salesperson.

That’s because they can reply to the email when it’s most convenient for them, whether it’s 1pm on a Tuesday or 11pm on a Sunday, when they’re fetching the emails of the week.

Ignoring the role of email and social media in this historical moment, or pretending that voice-to-voice contact (which, let’s face it, is becoming increasingly difficult to establish) is still our primary method of negotiating, say ignore reality.

Good salespeople are, first of all, in the business of reality and, now, it’s about understanding what’s really going on.


And digital customer acquisition strategies are part of the reality in which we all sell today, combined with the use of technology and a good CRM


How do your company’s salespeople work?

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