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The digital presence in exports


A correct digital presence must materialize in every situation (before, during and after the purchase) and through every device (responsive site, that is, suitable for every device, especially mobile ones) and be available in a timely manner, relevance and relevance.

The goal is to be present in the eyes of potential customers at the right time, with the right message in the right place and with the right solution.

The correct combination, interaction and optimization of visibility tools and the appropriate balance of communication resources helps companies to achieve the goal of strategic online marketing, that is to be present in the eyes of potential customers at the right time, with the right message, in the right place and with the right solution:


Right moment

It is necessary to be present immediately after the advertising stimulus and above all before accessing the store or when the buyer gets an idea of what he wants through new exploration activities on search engines, he informs himself through blogs. and reviews, follows the advice of friends on social networks and finally buys online or offline in a more informed and informed way.


Right message

It is essential to create microtargets based on multiple variables (keywords, demographics, interests, geographic area) and generate various relevant personalized ads / messages, each message must be studied and optimized continuously thanks to the measurability of the results.

In this way we self-adapt to the needs expressed by the customers themselves and there is no longer the need to decide in advance what works or not, as it is the customer in the field who makes it clear.


Right place

It is advisable to achieve a communicative balance that takes into account the different operating modes and the different needs in conveying the message:

  • pull marketing (selling): the user has a problem and the company proposes itself as a solution if, and only if, it represents a valid solution for that specific need;
  • push marketing (qualified branding): it is not the user who is looking for the company but it is the company that is found because it believes it is consistent with the intent of the consumer;
  • social marketing (interactive branding): the user is doing “his business” and interacting online but demonstrates from his preferences and browsing that he is a potentially interested target.


Right solution

For each type of message it is essential to have a digital infrastructure with communicative self-sufficiency, an adequate website, a landing page, a social profile, a video or any other digital component whose contents are optimized for relevance and / or relevance with respect to the message that generated the login.

There must no longer be a single site, but a constellation of optimized and highly relevant digital presences so that the user immediately finds what is relevant in his eyes.


Digital Export


If moments, messages and solutions are elements that can be structured on the basis of the analysis and the relative understanding of the logic, lifestyles and peculiarities of each target market, the greater the attention to be paid to the concept of the right place : the dematerialization of the company’s physical presence is manifested through global and digital marketing strategies that are implemented in the search phase (pull) or on search engines, in the information phase (push) or on sites, videos, blogs, forums, app and in the comparison and approval search phase (social networks and comparators) or on social networks and price and product / service comparison sites.

Only an accurate setting of these three digital export strategies in a global perspective can allow to reach the set objectives.

Has your company planned and implemented these strategies?


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