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The importance of a Strategic Marketing Plan


Starting marketing activities without having developed a Strategic Marketing Plan leads companies to make some recurring mistakes, which can have a negative impact both in the short and long term.

Among the mistakes that companies make most often there are for example:

  • Proceed by trial and error, implementing actions without having done a preliminary analysis, relying on chance and only on one’s perceptions.
  • Thinking of knowing perfectly the needs and requirements of your target, without ever having performed a “Customer Research” with interviews and questionnaires.
  • Adopt a short-range vision with short-term initiatives and with actions that exclusively concern finding new contacts.
  • Deciding not to implement new strategies to continue doing what has always been done.


If there is no Marketing Plan in the company, it is better not to do Marketing.


But staying completely still is also the most serious of mistakes, because it leaves even more room for competitors.

Having a Marketing Plan is therefore essential to know the areas on which to focus in order to achieve the company’s growth objectives.

It is not a mere exercise in style but serves to understand what is the methodology with which to be able to orient one’s company within the market and therefore develop the best possible strategy.


The creation of a Marketing Plan therefore brings several advantages, including:


  • Having clear and well-defined objectives: the Marketing Plan clearly defines the priorities for each company, with the choice of objectives to be developed in the short, medium and long term, in order to have a real course of action to follow.
  • Budget and timing: often we work on marketing actions, such as the creation of a logo, without considering it an integral part of a broader strategy.

Only with the drafting of a strategic plan it is possible to understand what are the elements to be developed, when to create them and above all how much budget to allocate. A double advantage, which allows to contain costs and avoid wasting time.

  • Having the right specialists: the Marketing Plan also has the advantage of making you understand which specialists are with the right vertical skills, which are needed to create all the individual sectors of the strategy.
  • Have a strategic coherence: thanks to the Marketing Plan, the communication, the commercial strategy, the customer acquisition plan and the Tone of Voice are aligned with all the rest of the activities.

Having an effective marketing plan created by professionals allows your company to exponentially increase the possibility of being successful.

It therefore provides the certainty of what all the necessary tools can be to have a positive impact on your company’s marketing and to identify the most suitable specialists for your specific case.

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