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The importance of B2B and B2C corporate events for export


When it comes to corporate events, trade fairs are not necessarily referred to, the theme is certainly broad and today there is a choice between online events and face-to-face events.

The event therefore is not to be conceived only as a moment in which people physically meet, but an initiative that takes place on a digital platform.

Events are one of the most important elements to include in a corporate marketing strategy.

They are indispensable moments for the company to be able to meet both existing customers and new potential customers, the webinar format for example is an exceptional tool that allows you to have more people connected from different locations live without the burden of physical transfer.

It is therefore important, based on your type of customer, to set your own format that becomes a marketing tool to be used regularly, not necessarily only online, but also in presence or hybrid, but with the aim of creating something structured to be improved. continuously.

The event must be preceded and followed by other activities all coordinated with each other in order to maximize audience and contact results, such as a direct marketing campaign in the previous period or follow-ups after the event with consequent inclusion in a sales funnel.

It is therefore necessary to plan the event in detail in advance and structure all the various intermediate phases and this also applies to small events with small participations and niche topics, it is always necessary to remember that the event is part of the sales funnel.

Online platforms today allow for engaging and structured events for different types of audience, both in terms of content and number of participants.

There are few SMEs that use them continuously, but if they are well thought out and designed, they can bring excellent results.

Even social networks today allow you to make events and live shows (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram for example), but here too the same rules apply: having a clear goal to be achieved and preparing and planning it with care.

Finally, if supported by a good CRM it is possible to manage the entire path of the sales funnel by collecting a large amount of data and moreover it is often an opportunity to prepare a lot of material and audio, video and text content that can be used for subsequent marketing activities of the company.

Does your company organize events?

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