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The importance of direct marketing in B2B


Direct marketing or direct marketing is a very important tool for B2B activities to create business opportunities.

It is necessary how much of your buyer personas or target customer belongs to an easily identifiable category, the more static and identifiable the more strategic and fundamental is direct marketing.

Thanks to the tools available, the activity allows to have a high measurability of the different actions and therefore to adjust the shot to generate business opportunities and new leads for the company.

Unfortunately, there are still few companies that have understood the importance of direct marketing, the use of calls to action and the measurability of returns and actions.

Obviously there are rules to follow and copywriting is one of the most important and most involved disciplines in this type of activity and in particular in B2B.

In direct marketing it is possible to build a good database of potential customers and to define a deep knowledge of the needs of potential customers through a sequence of activities.

What is certain is that at the moment only a part of the public is ready to work with the company, the rest of the interlocutors with whom one interacts require greater preparation through a series of marketing activities.

In the database it is necessary to segment the market and potential customers with different parameters such as the ATECO codes, the geographical area, the socio-economic factors and this allows to clarify during the activities the identification of the correct target and the development of direct marketing activities.

Today there are several tools that can be used including platforms such as LinkedIn where once you have found the correct target you can proceed with social selling activities.

Email and telephone in a B2B context also work well if used correctly.

Finally, the concept of relevance is fundamental: when I develop contents for direct marketing I have to keep in mind who my interlocutor is, their role in the company, its competence, detected through micro segmentation, in order to provide specific and functional concepts to develop the engagement of the potential customer.

Direct marketing is therefore in summary a series of structured actions followed by reactions, within the path of the call to action and monitoring.

Does your company use direct marketing?

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