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The marketing culture for the export of SMEs


The culture of marketing in SMEs is unfortunately far behind in Italy, the Italian entrepreneur who is a very hard worker does not grasp the importance of this activity for his company.

This is normal in a world like that of years ago where it was enough to produce to sell or export one’s products and there was no need for marketing.


Today times have definitely changed, if we want to stay on the market if we export our products to foreign markets we have to do marketing for the future of our company.


Marketing is an investment that allows you to obtain tangible and measurable results. Its most common definition is: a discipline that helps the company to acquire and retain its customers.

Marketing is therefore an asset for the company itself, even if it is often seen as a one-off activity, especially in small and medium-sized businesses.

Instead it must be a constant activity that aims to make the company grow, develop and remain successfully in the market.

Unfortunately today most companies think they can continue to operate in the same way they did years ago and this is a big mistake.


Internet has revolutionized the world and the way of acting and not only in marketing and export


Is your company ready to take on these challenges?


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