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The marketing culture in the export of smes


The world has changed, but especially in the world of SMEs, the culture of marketing is struggling to make its way. The Italian entrepreneur, who is a very hard worker, often does not grasp the importance of this discipline and activity and this is understandable if you think that not so long ago, there was no need to do marketing.

Marketing is an investment that allows to have tangible and measurable results, in practice a discipline that helps companies to acquire and retain their customers.

It must be an asset of the company, a continuous activity, especially in exports, which allows the company to grow and develop, becoming more and more solid and prosperous.

But what are the marketing goals? Why should a company do this kind of business? Why is it important to do marketing even within a small company?

A small company needs a great marketing in the sense of professionalism and therefore an SME hardly has a marketing office available, therefore it must resort to outsourcing, that is to use skills external to the company.

Marketing must start from the top management and therefore from the owners or the managing directors, in fact the entrepreneur is the figure who must understand the importance of marketing and must believe in it.

There must also be the mentality and the orientation to delegate activities to external structures, the attention to lead an external team and to contribute to daily work.

Anyone who delegates marketing to the outside must still consider this activity as a business and the entrepreneur must become the director of strategic marketing and therefore must be constantly trained and informed on the subject.

“Low cost” marketing no longer works, marketing is a continuous and constant investment and therefore the company must have the necessary budget to develop the activities.

For this it is necessary to have a constant control of numbers, objectives and progress.

How does your company approach marketing?

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