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The marketing database


The marketing database is the key to success for every company, a tool that must be designed and managed correctly according to the GDPR regulations.

Cultivating your own marketing database must be a priority for every company to always stay in touch with its customers and potential customers.

To build it, many actions are needed, but above all valuable content, the result of an editorial plan that indicates the type of content and the frequency of dissemination.

Every company should have a funnel capable of creating a marketing database populated and animated by constant and regular communication.

Precisely for B2B for email marketing to be successful it is necessary to have a solid marketing database to work on.

It is not necessary to have huge marketing databases, but it is necessary to have a good number of profiled customers to deal with a professional copywriting system and software suitable for different dynamics and actions and possibly equipped with automatisms.

A good CRM software allows you to build and manage your marketing database in a simple and effective way and often in a semi-automatic way.

However, everything must be contextualized in the company’s marketing plan which must be professionally designed and planned and adapted to the reference sector.

Has your company built a profiled marketing database?



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