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The Marketing Funnel


A marketing funnel is a model that represents the journey a potential customer takes, from product or service discovery to purchase.

The model is called a “funnel” because it represents a funnel, where the number of people at each stage of the process shrinks as one progresses toward the purchase.

The marketing funnel is made up of several stages, each of which represents an opportunity for your business to engage with potential customers and convert them into customers.

Typical stages of a marketing funnel include:

  • Awareness: In this stage, the prospect becomes aware of your product or service.
  • Consideration: The potential customer begins to evaluate his options and to compare your product with those of your competitors.
  • Conversion: The prospect engages in a specific action, such as filling out a registration form or making a purchase.
  • Loyalty: The acquired customer continues to use your product or service and become a loyal customer.

The marketing funnel is a useful tool for understanding how potential customers are interacting with your business and for identifying blocking points in the buying process.

With this information, you can make changes to your marketing approach to improve conversions and achieve higher ROI.

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