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financing for internationalization by Simest


Are you an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) set up as a joint stock company?

Is your turnover abroad equal to at least 20% of the company turnover, or does it exceed 10% of the company turnover of the last financial statement filed?

Are you thinking about the Digital Transformation of your company?

There is a great opportunity for your organization!

The Digital and Ecological Transition Call, just published by SIMEST, provides a non-repayable grant, from 25% to 40% of the admitted expenses, as well as a subsidized loan for projects that foresee, for at least half of the budget, expenses related to:

  • investments and training concerning industry 4.0
  • digital integration and development of business processes
  • creation / modernization of organizational and management models from a digital perspective
  • investments in technological equipment, computer programs and digital content
  • digital consultancy
  • disaster recovery and business continuity
  • blockchain (exclusively for the notarization of company production and management processes)


The remaining part of the project will have to concern sustainability expenses in Italy (e.g. energy and water efficiency, climate impact mitigation, etc.), internationalization (e.g. investments for individual commercial structures in foreign countries, consultancy for internationalization, promotional expenses and for international events in Italy and abroad, etc.) or expenses for environmental assessments / certifications relating to the financing.

Contact us, for one free evaluation of the project , by clicking on the button below or by writing to info@strategycapp.com


sace simest
A subsidized loan at an interest rate of 0.055% is envisaged


together with a grant up to 25% for:

• Create an e-commerce site for the sale abroad of your Made in Italy products or services or join a third party marketplace;

• To finance participation in international fairs and exhibitions, also in Italy, and system missions abroad;

• Achieve the digital and ecological transition of your business and increase its international competitiveness.

For SMEs which have at least one operational headquarters in Southern Italy (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily) the non-repayable contribution rises from 25% up to 40%.

Do not waste time, the resources allocated to non-repayable contributions are limited!

Write to us by mail info@strategycapp.com or contact us at the button below!

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