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The path of awareness in lead generation


We often hear companies complain as long as their contacts are not in target; this is normal, when we want to grow and therefore we want to increase the quantity and number of leads that enter the company, the quality will decrease, and it is a physiological process.

When the quality is lower, in order to improve it we must first of all understand what is the path that the user takes, what is the level of awareness of the user in order to increase the amount of contacts and customers within the company. .

A useful tool to improve lead generation is Schwarz’s awareness pyramid, or the pyramid of user awareness. If we want to collect new users and we want to grow our company, we have to go fishing in a place where there are many people.

In the lower part of this pyramid, therefore in the widest part also for the quantity of contacts, there are those unaware people; they are not even aware that they have a problem and this is our biggest problem precisely because we have to do a job to bring these unaware people to such a level of awareness in order to purchase our products and services.


What is the second level? People who are aware of the problem, who therefore know they have a problem.

Then we have the aware of the solution, that is, they know that there is a solution. And then we are aware of the products, they know that there are products or services that solve their problem.

So our job, if we want to grow the company, if we want to increase the number of new business opportunities of new contacts, will be to go fishing here, that is, to create a growth system, a marketing system that communicates to all of them. levels of awareness to bring them up, but following the process of awareness.

At the highest point of the pyramid there are the most aware who maybe contact us from the site and who are fully in target, that is, they contact us and already know what they want. So these are called, the most aware and perhaps come directly to the site to send us a contact request.
Here we must use a language that is reserved for aware people, that is, for those who know they have a problem, for those who know of any existing solutions on the market and have identified ours as the ones possible for them.


How can we go about making these people aware?


It is necessary to go and take these unaware people and insert them into a sales funnel, making them cross the various levels of awareness.

By bringing them to an ever-increasing awareness of our industry, our area, our products and service, they will get closer to being ready to buy.

This goes through the creation of digital content, the creation of a blog, the creation of videos, a funnel that allows me to talk to people, who have no idea what we do and slowly make them more and more aware of each pyramid level.

Only when we have done this work, which is called marketing, that is to pass these users to a higher level of awareness, will they be ready to buy, because the people who are at the top of the pyramid, in the slice of the most aware, are maybe those who are already our customers are people very close to our reality, to us and to our company.

After the commercial he must be a human, like a center forward who receives the ball and scores a goal by closing the contract.

In our opinion, this is the best way to optimize the work of the sales people, that is to leave them focused on what is their specialty, that is to bring a person into closure after clearly someone else has already done the preparation work.


Develop your export


In Strategycapp we help companies to export their products and services abroad thanks to digital by applying these principles. Our advantages are that we provide a global view of the market, personalized service and access to a wide range of markets. Our digital platform helps customers find the right markets for their products and services and provides them with the tools they need to export successfully, bringing leads to the right level of awareness. We have a team of experts able to advise on all aspects of export, from market research to logistics. Our service is tailored to each customer’s needs, so that they can successfully focus on selling their products and services overseas.

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