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The phases of internationalization and export


When a company plans to enter foreign markets, it must accurately determine the level of involvement of its structure in the target country both in terms of marketing and operational activities.

This decision must always be data driven, that is, based on the data obtained from the digital tools available today and in support of exports.

It is definitely dangerous to rely only on entrepreneurial intuition, on the experiences of other companies and above all on simple chance; they can be signals, but they must be validated by a rigorous planning and verification of the real business opportunities.


Some authoritative publications have established which are the criteria that facilitate an easier and wider internationalization especially when we export directly:


  1. companies with high technology and / or marketing-based resources have a better propensity for internationalization and export than traditional manufacturing industries.
  2. domestic markets of limited size with respect to production capacity are generally an impulse to export for a reason of survival.
  3. companies with owners or managers not oriented towards the international point of view and therefore outside a network of knowledge that goes beyond their own domestic market find it very difficult to internationalize and export.


An internationalization and export process can start in two ways:

  1. timid attempts at foreign projection followed by progressive consolidation on the basis of the results and failures achieved in the various phases.
  2. serious and planned research activity, through the analytical determination of long-term plans that aim to develop a presence immediately articulated and adequately contextualized to the target country.


In reality, as often happens, an adequate balance between these two activities is the best solution, a mix of global presence with relative local presence for each target international market through progressive consolidation based on data and results obtained.

Often international marketing aimed at export can go through different stages and phases and it is absolutely not certain that they are always sequential, but they differ from country to country and from product to product.

What stage is your company in?




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