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The planning of marketing activities


Properly planning your marketing means doing a good part of the work, often planning is not done because companies often lack this culture, especially in marketing.

Underestimating planning leads to not setting company objectives to be achieved, but above all to not defining the strategy to achieve them.

Planning means first of all using your budget well, if the company already invests little in marketing (generally it should be at least 3% to 5% of turnover) the risk is to waste resources.

Planning and measuring allows to evaluate the activities done in a clear way in order to improve the procedures and optimize the expected results.

It is necessary to start from the activities and macro objectives and then gradually analyze and evaluate what happens in the micro, the macro planning is usually done once a year with quarterly reviews, while the micro one is constantly evolving.

The intermediate control activities are used to verify that you are going on the right path, while for the micro activities it should be done daily and continuously modified if necessary.

Speaking of the operational marketing plan, we must keep in mind that in B2B there are 4 fundamental parameters to keep under control: leads, appointments, offers and contracts.

Therefore, in the face of activities, the impact on these 4 very interconnected variables must be monitored from which the cost of acquiring a customer can be extracted.


Is it necessary to have a CRM system?


Obviously, it is necessary to equip oneself with CRM and marketing automation tools that are essential to be able to track all activities and generate control reports. Having a CRM means having consolidated procedures first of all and then having fundamental information that allows you to understand in real time if you are going in the right direction.

A tool like CRM that allows you to track data and have control over the numbers is indispensable in today’s competitive context and requires time to be set up correctly.

Does your company plan marketing activities?

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