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The use of email marketing in the world of SMEs


Email marketing consists of using email as a marketing tool for the company, a real opportunity for SMEs operating in the B2B market.

It is a misconception to consider email marketing as an old and outdated tool, also because the data of the main email marketing platforms say otherwise. However, a well-designed and organized system and a well-structured database are needed.

As in anything, what has been designed and used well works and what has not been done properly does not work.

If you create a profiled database of users who want to follow the company’s contents, these users are interested in receiving communications because they can benefit from that information.

Today email marketing is a fundamental tool, always if it is designed and used well.

The database is one of the most important elements for corporate communication, today the e-mail can also be managed and viewed through the smartphone and this allows to reach users in a targeted and precise manner.

It is therefore important for the company to have an email marketing strategy because it allows them to get in touch with a potential customer through the dissemination of valuable content.

All contents must be linked because when I publish a post on the site or on the blog I relaunch it on the social pages I can send the same content via email, even for example within a newsletter.

Marketing is the result of a mix of tools that allow you to communicate with the right interlocutor based on your specific needs, today communication is often entrusted only to the sales network and commercials, a mistake that it is better not to make.

Email marketing allows you to spread the content with my interlocutor with a certain frequency, a tool that allows you to understand if you are working well or if you are wasting time and money based on the measurement of results.

Does your company use a tool like email marketing?

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