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The websites of Italian companies are old and inefficient


Nowadays websites are indispensable for any business activity – a fundamental tool to make yourself known, present your products or services, meet current and potential customers.

A site, in order to bring results to the company, by converting the users who visit it into customers who buy, must respect certain parameters and rules.

71% of entrepreneurs do not know how to evaluate the effectiveness of a site, 85% do not know how important content is for marketing and sales, 78% would like to improve the performance of their business site.

From an analysis carried out on a sample of Italian companies, it appears that more than one site out of two is not updated with sufficient regularity, 33% even contain old information relating to contacts or the proposed offer.

64% of websites are not very intuitive, far from the user, often to be able to find the desired information it takes several minutes and more than the indispensable 3 clicks before leaving (38% of cases).

A cumbersome process, which takes too long, and many of the users end up leaving the site, moving towards those of other competitors.

Almost 80% of websites are devoid of emotional elements, resulting cold and distant, unable to arouse interest or desire in the user.


The websites of Italian companies are old and inefficient


Having a website is not enough to say that you are present on the net. In some cases, they even risk undermining the corporate reputation, making it appear sloppy, distracted and imprecise.

Unfortunately there is little attention and professionalism in the management of many of the websites.

Old and outdated information, static pages and without any possibility of interaction, in some cases there is difficulty in understanding what the company’s business is about.

Then, a use of standard images that have little to do with the texts that are often boring, verbose and too long.

However, it is important to know that most entrepreneurs have the desire to change things, even if this is a fact that needs to be investigated on the merits.

Often the creation of content is considered a waste of time, as well as the management and updating of the website, this is a serious mistake,

The ability to create content for the website, able to persuade those who read it, to touch the right chords and lead the user to want to buy what we are proposing is one of the skills that a modern entrepreneur must have.

In a site, human interaction is lacking and the ability to modulate language and offer based on who we have in front of us. Here, everything is played on words, on the ability to excite in the right way.

Truly effective content and persuasive writing leads to sales. Which is why the website was opened


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