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Valuing cultural differences in exports


When the customer target resides in foreign countries and intends to reach it with effective communication, it is essential to get informed, learn and analyze in depth the different cultural aspects that could characterize the relationship and communication.

If cultural differences are significant and times are tight, one of the best strategies to implement is to contact local specialists in order to have an advantage in accessing the new country. Cultural barriers must always be minimized.

It is possible to use local mother tongue consultants to adapt the contents to the local language and to populate sites and mini sites, as well as social networks and marketplaces. This type of partnership is almost always a winner if you want to access a new market and oversee it in the months following the landing.

In other cases, a local mother tongue freelance expert in the target country may be sufficient in order to evaluate together and with full knowledge of the facts the marketing planning, the editorial plan and the structure and contents of the communication.

Furthermore, defining the social networks to be managed country by country or language by language is at least necessary to have an efficient and personalized communication.

How does your company manage cultural differences?





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