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What a sales funnel is not


Generally a sales funnel is perfect if the product or service to sell needs an explanation and is an excellent tool to train or inform your users both live and in replay (recorded).

First of all the funnel is not:

  • A 100% complete automation system, in the sense that not all functions of a funnel are only automatic, often some areas require “manual” intervention even in the most optimized funnels.
  • A website, intended as a “showcase” site, is a process aimed at achieving results, not only linked to an online presence.
  • It’s not just 2 pages and 7 automatic emails, behind the scenes there are dozens and dozens of nuances that need to be continually optimized to make the funnel and the overall strategy really effective.
  • It is not disconnected from off-line activities, in reality it is applicable to many off-line activities such as the path in a shopping center or in a motorway restaurant and an off-line sales funnel.
  • It is not disconnected from direct marketing, it is the most effective method of communication compared to mass marketing. It is the weapon of every small entrepreneur compared to the giant and the funnels (or funnels connected to each other) are the practical application.
  • It is not a guarantee of results, even though it is a tool designed and built to achieve defined objectives; the funnel does not give guaranteed results, it is simply one of the most effective systems in communicating the value of your products or services in the best possible way. If your offers, your products or your services are not worth it, it is normal that the funnel cannot make a difference, much less miracles.


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