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What is a sales funnel


The English translation of the word “funnel” is funnel.

The images associated with the marketing funnel and the sales funnel are associated with inverted funnels, often colored to represent the various phases of the user’s passage.

It serves to make people understand the procedure that goes from transforming traffic on a website (a lot) through various steps to get to sales (a few).

In reality there is not a single sales funnel, but several funnels integrated into a real project that is headed by a marketing strategy.

Marketing funnels are therefore real systems composed of a set of elements that have the purpose of creating relationship, education and / or making the user experience such as to lead him to conversion (sale) in a more automatic way. possible.

A funnel is not necessarily digital, for example the path that a customer takes to go out in a motorway restaurant is a sort of funnel where there are a series of points where information on the customer’s customer journey is collected.

A funnel can also be an automatic machine for distributing drinks or snacks, so the funnel, like any machine, must be properly designed.

Marketing funnels are not made up solely of the site, but of a set of elements:

  • web pages and landing pages
  • automatic email sequence
  • blog post on the site
  • integrations with social pages
  • pdf as a lead magnet
  • popup
  • free videos and resources
  • feedback
  • persuasive levers
  • scarcity of product
  • offers

The elements are the most varied, but all must be organized following a project and a precise marketing strategy with clear and measurable objectives.

A prospect usually buys when:

  • finds you and gives you attention
  • he understood that you are the solution he was looking for

the funnel has the purpose of providing information through contents that educate the potential customer, provide value to increase awareness in what is offered as a product or service, automatically.


Does your company have a sales funnel?



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