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What is Digital Export

Digital export is a term in vogue in this last period, especially during and after the Covid19 pandemic and concerns the ability to export products or services to other countries thanks to the use of digital technologies.

Digital technologies are an important tool to help companies enter and / or consolidate their business in international markets.

It is of fundamental importance to start from an adequate site that must be export-oriented, simple and intuitive, with a good user experience and with very clear who I am, what I do, how I do it and why they have to choose me.

The export website must be:
  • Multi language : especially for the languages of the target country and in any case always in English, using professional translators and not automatic translators;
  • Responsive : that is visible on all devices, with a good user experience;
  • Rapid : to be loaded since in many countries there is no fast internet connection;
  • SEO oriented : it must be easily found and therefore well positioned on search engines (Search Engine Optimization) when users are looking for something related to your products or services.
  • Updated : The site must have a Blog that describes how the company’s products and services can solve the problems of the website visitor.

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digital export for smes
digital export for smes
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