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What makes social media so powerful for lead generation?


It is mainly due to the ability to have direct conversations with your target audience.

While social conversations pave the way for leads, continued success depends on aligning social media interactions with the appropriate stages of the prospect’s buying cycle.

To achieve this, businesses need to listen to their social audience to understand where they are in the buying cycle and how they want to progress through it.

The purchase cycle is divided into four phases:



verification of references;


Make sure you know where your potential customers are.

With this information in hand, marketers can design social programs and plans to produce desired behaviors, engage in conversations that deliver real value, and promote content that meets the needs of potential customers.

The end result will be far greater volume of qualified leads, higher quality leads, and higher conversion rates.

Social media, when managed well, is effective for lead generation.

In a 2011 survey of 500 companies on social media, 68.4% said they generated leads from social media sites, and more than 55% of them entered into deals from qualified social media generated leads.

Does your company use social media?

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