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What must an exporting company do to define elements of diversity?


Too many companies today are generalists and present themselves to the market in that capacity. It is very difficult to achieve a differentiating positioning if you operate as a generalist company.

It is necessary to act on several fronts: the first is certainly to look at the potential market by analyzing what is the problem that your company can solve for a specific target, especially if we are talking about B2B you have to pay attention to the needs of companies. .

The other aspect is to look at the competition, trying to understand how it communicates, what it communicates and what its positioning is in order to be able to effectively define the areas on which to act in order to achieve a strong differentiating positioning.

The competition must be analyzed, studied in depth to understand what to do differently at the product and service level.

Strategic positioning is not a dynamic element, which usually changes over time, but it must be a strategic choice that can last many years, and once defined, it must be communicated to the market.

Communication must operate at 360 degrees by exploiting both the offline channels and especially the online ones.

It is important to elaborate a pay off, that is a short sentence positioned under the logo, which serves to communicate the positioning of the company. The goal is to say in a nutshell what the company does and why it does it differently from other players.

It is then essential to add a few corollary lines that help you explain the company’s market and what the company does in practice to solve the problems of the sector.

Is your company correctly positioned and does it have an effective pay off?



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