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Your CRM can help your team to sell more



Hurried or unorganized salespeople often fail to prepare effectively for the planned negotiation with a potential customer.

Perhaps, you may not realize it, but a CRM can help you overcome the problem because standardizing your team’s sales process allows you to speed up the sales cycle, improve customer relationships, and increase revenue.

I believe most entrepreneurs have perceived or noticed this terribly costly trend for the company.


To understand how a CRM can help you, let’s carefully review the specifics of the problem we intend to solve.


Hasty or poorly organized salespeople are known not to do the pre-call research and rely only on their experience.

The problem is that the word “experience”, although it may seem reassuring, hides unsustainable assumptions:

a) the seller assumes that he knows the characters with whom he will have to interact

b) the seller thinks he knows – a priori – what the potential customer might tell him

Both of these cases are very dangerous and counterproductive, especially when the decision maker is more than one.

In practice, acting on these assumptions, the salesperson will not have a clear goal of the meeting and will not be able to plan a strategy worthy of the name, but will move in an unorganized manner.

Then, they end up meeting potential customers with no clear purpose, simply in the hope of “building the relationship”, which makes it difficult to identify what the next ideal steps for the outcome of the deal may be.

And at the end of the meeting, there is often not enough time left to discuss the next steps or the decisions to be made at the end of the negotiation.

Instead, for example, preparing a basic pre-call checklist for each deal will ensure your sales team can avoid these common pitfalls.

Better yet, the planner can be integrated directly into your team’s CRM!

For example, a modern CRM contains a Playbook function where you can enter a series of automated questions that support the seller and allow him to be more successful.


Does your company use a CRM to organize the sales process?
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