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Expo 2020 Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


More than 190 countries will participate in the next Universal Expo.

For six months, from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, Dubai will be a world showcase with 25 million visitors expected, 30% from neighboring regions and 70% from the rest of the world.

It will be the first Universal Exposition held in an Arab country and, more generally, in the MENASA area (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia).

The event is planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates, the Golden Jubilee of the state.

The THEME of Expo 2020 Dubai is Connecting minds creating the future and will be represented in three sub-topics:

Chance – unlocking the potential of individuals and communities to create a better future
Mobility – innovative systems of logistics, transport and communication of people, goods and ideas
Sustainability – accessibility and resilience of environmental, energy and water resources.

The program

The rich program of Expo 2020 Dubai is divided into several levels and includes 17 international days, 11 thematic weeks and 5 series of programs transversal to the thematic weeks.


October 16 – World Food Day

October 31 – World Cities Day

November 16 – International Day of Tolerance

November 20 – World Children’s Day

December 3 – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 5 – International Volunteer Day

10 December – Human Rights Day

December 12 – International Day of Universal Health Coverage

December 18 – World Day of the Arabic Language

December 20 – International Day of Human Solidarity

January 24 – International Day of Education

February 11 – International Day of Women and Girls in Science

March 3 – World Wildlife Day

March 8 – International Women’s Day

March 20 – International Day of Happiness

March 21 – Mother’s Day

March 22 – World Water Day

Expo 2020 Dubai





• Climate change

• Disaster risk management

• Circular economy

• Regions at risk

• Conservation of biodiversity

3-9 October 2021


• Space exploration

• Governance and law

• Spatial data and remote sensing

17-23 October 2021


• Cities and informal settlements

• Provision of services (water, energy, waste, etc.)

• Inclusive and sustainable infrastructure

October 31st –

November 6, 2021


• Multiculturalism, coexistence and interreligious understanding Indigenous communities and cultures

• Accessibility (inclusion of people with disabilities, with special needs)

• Peace and security

• Inclusive dialogue and responsible reporting (media and public forums)

November 14-20, 2021


• Donations and humanitarianism

• Environment and sustainability

• Knowledge and accountability SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)

December 5-11, 2021


• Future of education and work

• Skill and TVET (Education and technical and professional training)

• Informal education / knowledge systems

12-18 December 2021


• Digital connectivity

• E-governance

• Smart mobility

• Supply and trade chains


January 9-15, 2022


• Last mile delivery

• Women and girls

• Business means of subsistence and development

January 16-22, 2022


• Health systems

• Health-tech (tele-medicine)

• Community-led health care

• Well-being and happiness

January 27 –

February 2, 2022


• Food systems

• Food waste and safety

• Value chains and small farmers

• Food and nutrition security

20-26 February 2022


• Management of water resources

• Oceans and ocean economies

• Water-based ecosystems

• Washing and cleaning methods

20-26 March 2022

Expo 2020 Dubai
Expo 2020 Dubai



The specialist program includes 5 sets of activities, encompassing the UAE’s cultural, social, economic and environmental pillars.


Get to know each other better

  • Change your worldview
  • Cultures in Conversation
  • Dignified narration
  • Women of Arabia / Islam


Change your view of the world

This program is based on Gapminder’s Flip Your World View quizzes and will be available on the Expo mobile app. This series will be organized in lightning conversations to allow visitors to challenge their own conceptions on the subject areas and to understand each other better.

Cultures in Conversation

This program will highlight the richness of cultural diversity at Expo, while demonstrating that many cultural practices and traditions have striking similarities across countries. These conversations will take place throughout each themed week, encouraging open and interactive sessions, where creatives and policy makers can engage in meaningful dialogue.

Dignified narration

In collaboration with Dubai Cares, this program places human dignity at the center of the narrative. These sessions explore the tools used by journalists, storytellers and communications experts to tell the stories of individuals and communities through the lens of sustainable development (including education, climate change, last mile delivery and knowledge transfer) in a way that prioritizes to dignity and respect for the subject. This will include examples of Best Practice projects selected by Expo and Expo Live Global Innovator.

Women’s Pavilion Program: Women in Arabia and Islam

This program will highlight inspiring stories of women in the Arab / Islamic world. True stories and tales of frontline women will be told to highlight the catalytic role women in Islam have played for centuries – and continue to do so today – as well as to inspire women around the world to reach new heights.


Catalyzing opportunities for all

  • SDG program
  • Good practice program
  • Women in development
  • Regular Expo Live program


Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Program

This program will focus on locating and implementing the 2030 Agenda and ensuring opportunities for all by increasing and implementing innovative approaches to delivering services and solutions that enable ‘last mile’ communities and families at risk of being left behind. to fully benefit and actively contribute to sustainability.

Good practice program

Events and regular scheduling on best practice approaches and solutions for SDGs that can be scaled for greater impact. The weekly programming slots in the area of good practices will highlight successful solutions and approaches for a wide range of international development themes transversal to resilient habitats; water-food-energy security; education and health; livelihoods and business development and inclusive and sustainable service provision. Projects and best practice winners will be highlighted and integrated into Expo’s specialist program events.

Women’s Pavilion Program: Growing Women

This program will focus on the central role women play in sustainable development and in all areas of development. The voices of women will be highlighted, from the decision tables to the pitch.

Regular Expo Live program

Expo Live’s regular series of programs show the importance of social entrepreneurs in finding solutions to global challenges, while catalyzing opportunities for new partnerships. This series covers 14 sectors and 16 SDGs and is grouped into five categories: Women who ignite change, Power of determination, Next Gen Humans, Tech for Good, Man and Nature. Nature) and Living in Balance.


Restore balance with the planet

  • Conservation for Hope
  • Coming all round
  • Sustainability @ Expo
  • Expo Live: man and nature

Conservation for Hope

This program focuses on the conservation and restoration of wildlife and ecosystems as a means of ensuring environmental sustainability and protecting our planet.

Coming all round

This program will present various approaches that individuals, businesses and societies are adopting for the collective transition to a more regenerative and resilient development model, from eliminating waste and transitioning to circular economies, to building fairer networks of commerce and mobility.

Sustainability @ Expo

World exhibitions are a showcase of the breadth of human ingenuity – and nowhere is this more evident than in the innovative ways our attendees are responding to Expo’s sustainability standards. This series will highlight, across the Expo site, countries demonstrating sustainability in action through content, design, programming and events in their pavilion – from net-zero energy rainforests to living models of regenerative agriculture.

Expo Live: Man and Nature

Expo Live’s Man and Nature series will address sustainability (agriculture, energy, waste, water, environment) through the lens of coexistence with nature, protection and restoration, showing the best practices of Global Innovator.

4. VISION 2021

Creating value with the United Arab Emirates

  • Expo Live Events
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Golden Jubilee program
  • Ministerial dinners


Expo Live Events

Includes the Grand Challenges, which explore solutions to pressing global challenges that fuel the UAE’s vision; the Expo Live Legacy Fund Launch, a high-level event that will celebrate the milestones of Expo Live and the launch of the new fund that will contribute to the vision of the United Arab Emirates; and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Innovation Summit, an inaugural meeting to share best practices and co-create elements for building a collaborative and supportive social innovation ecosystem in the GCC and beyond.

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Preservation of the intangible cultural heritage, of practices that need to be safeguarded, in each thematic week.

Golden Jubilee program

A special program dedicated to celebrating the UAE’s Golden Jubilee and honoring the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed.

Ministerial dinners

Facilitated conversations between high-level policy makers to advance international cooperation with the UAE on the topics of each thematic week.


Activating economic growth and partnerships

  • Global business Forum
  • Business Thematic Forums: Taking Advantage of Opportunities
  • National Business Briefings
  • Expo Live: panel and networking


Global business Forum

Expo 2020 and Dubai Chamber will host 3 Global Business Forums – Africa, Latin America and ASEAN – focusing on the economic prospects of the UAE and the three continents, with the aim of encouraging international flows, addressing challenges and exploiting opportunities.

Business Thematic Forums: Taking Advantage of Opportunities

In collaboration with International Partners (IPs), Expo will host 9 thematic business forums to highlight non-traditional business opportunities, cutting-edge technologies and progress achieved by UAE, IP and Expo partners relevant to each theme. The forums will also be an opportunity for the UAE and IPs to have meaningful conversations that can foster the transfer of know-how and more business opportunities.

National Business Briefings

Expo 2020 will offer all IPs a platform to host a Country Business Briefing at the Business Connect Center on their National Day. The briefing will allow countries to leverage the presence of their Heads of State, industry leaders and experts, to promote their pavilions and highlight key investment opportunities in their country.

Expo Live: panel and networking

Expo Live Panels and Networking Sessions are events for social entrepreneurs, industry leaders, public officials, philanthropists and change makers to work together for lasting social and environmental impact.

For Italy, participating in Expo Dubai is an unrepeatable opportunity to enhance the innovations, technologies and best practices developed in the priority sectors of the Expo; increase technological partnerships and opportunities for direct foreign investments, international collaborations between companies, academic and scientific organizations, and show the excellence and creativity of our country to the millions of visitors from all over the world.

Visit the official website by Expo 2020 Dubai (ENG)

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