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The new Social Networks


In this historical moment the internet creates many opportunities and often in a very short time, it is therefore essential to carefully evaluate and choose which social network the company should invest in.

It is necessary to get used to a constantly changing scenario, new platforms are born and others lose importance in a few months, it is a very dynamic context where players can change very quickly.

It is important for a small and medium-sized business to be self-aware and understand what to do and how to move on these digital terrains.

There is one certainty: social networks for a company are now essential because they are the place where people spend a lot of their day.

So if the company has to communicate with a target market or a niche it must be present, otherwise some other company will.

Being present on social networks means being active and producing content, having feedback and generating conversations.

Each social platform has its own target audience, for example a target over 50 will hardly be on Tik Tok because it is a social network populated mainly by millennials.

The choice of the social media platform is an activity that requires commitment, experimentation and self-denial, because each content must be structured in a different way for each social network, for each target and for each mode of diffusion (posts, stories, etc. )

As usual, it is necessary to start from the data analysis to understand if a media can work or not for our company. It is also important to plan well the resources to invest, the time, the contents to build an audience that allows you to aggregate new contacts and therefore new potential leads.

Strategy and data analysis are the decisive elements for the success of these activities.

Social networks are tools that mainly pass through the mobile and therefore text and video content must be oriented to usability on smartphones, short and clear contents that must pass one or at most two messages.

Our suggestion is to join a social network only when you have reached a certain level of maturity (there is a strategy, there are time and money resources and you have acquired the right mentality ‘), we are aware of the effort an SME has to make and the difficulties it may encounter when entering this context.

However, it is clear that a company must be present on social networks in order to involve its target audience and therefore its current and potential customers.

Is your company ready to move to the world of social networks? Contact us to evaluate your online presence together.



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