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CRM sales and customer service


Your best customers are truly your competitor’s best potential customers.

That’s why every sales professional should include specific behaviors to maximize the customer onboarding experience, build and secure the relationship using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


And this is not a “customer service” problem.

Because, remember, keeping a customer is typically ten times cheaper and easier than finding a new one.

So, here are seven powerful behaviors you can incorporate into your sales process, supported by CRM software to support better, more profitable, and more loyal business relationships.

1. Leverage customer onboarding.

That is, don’t let the marketing and sales process end with the contract.

2. Show your appreciation for their business by making sure the customer is ready to deliver the success you promised (or sold) them.

3. Show up to any kickoff meetings and make sure the client gets what they need.

4. Look for ways to avoid challenges or bottlenecks that could affect their ability to solve the problem.

You can also use this opportunity to look for potential upsell opportunities to discuss later.

5. Keep a file to build the report and update your CRM.

As the old saying goes, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.


So, always use a CRM system, to keep track of important dates and information that will give you a reason to contact your customer, even when it’s not time to talk about a specific offer.


You can also track job changes and other company news on LinkedIn or other social media.

6. Organize quarterly quality of service assessment meetings.

One of the keys to keeping your customers happy enough not to run away with the competition is to run such businesses.

Let’s say your buyer’s world changes every 90 days.

These meetings, even digital, allow you to monitor that they are still happy with what you have sold them and to understand if you are actually offering the value you have sold.

7. Don’t let a crisis go to waste: be proactive when there are problems.

Times of trouble, issues, and complaints are actually opportunities to show how great your customer service is.

Solving problems and removing obstacles for your customers ensures that they feel valued and lets them know they can count on you, even when there is a problem to address.

For example, right now, many industries are experiencing problems with the supply chain.

Your open and honest communication about any upcoming delays or other challenges will build trust, reduce complaints, and make your best customers less likely to start looking for other options.

Put these seven behaviors in place, make the most of your CRM and you will increase the likelihood that they will remain your customers for life.


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