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Estonia: a small economy with a great future


Estonia is a small European economy that has grown a lot in recent years thanks to digital transformation. The country has taken a number of measures to make its administrative and tax system more efficient, and has managed to gain a reputation as an innovative and cutting-edge country.

In particular, Estonia is one of the European leaders in the use of digital technologies for public administration management. The Estonian system, called X-Road, allows you to share information between public bodies, companies and citizens in a safe and fast way.

This digital asset has helped Estonia to become one of the main European destinations for startups, thanks to the high level of innovation and the tax breaks it offers.

Other measures taken to promote economic development include:

– the establishment of special economic zones where companies can benefit from fiscal and administrative incentives;
– the creation of a series of financial instruments, such as the investment fund, which favor the development of SMEs.

Furthermore, Estonia is one of the European countries with the lowest public debt.

As a result of economic growth, Estonia has experienced a significant improvement in the quality of life of its citizens. The unemployment rate has steadily declined in recent years, while per capita income has risen.

Estonia is also one of the safest countries from the point of view of crime.

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